What's your dream crown?

When it comes to flower crown selection, you can be certainly overwhelmed by the dazzling choices out there - so let Floral Tiaras help you winnow down your dream tiara selection!

Firstly, what's your personality?

Are you going all out to make your flower crown a statement piece or are you looking for a dainty fairy halo that brings out the angelic side of you? 


heavy crown.jpg
loud crown.jpg

After identifying what defines your personality, let us get down to the details! So what is weaved to your crown?  

A pure foliage crown exudes a mythical Greek Goddess aura, whereas a full crown weaved purely from flowers spells luxury and definitely adds a whole lot of feminine touch to your overall look. 

foliage crown.jpg
full crown 1.jpg

There are also crowns that marries both flowers and foliage together, giving you a fine balance if you cannot decide which one to go, or just to be on conservative side. 

Crowns for children are typically made of filler flowers for a lighter weight crown. 


Next, let us talk about how you would like to style your hair with the dream crown you have in mind.. Is it just simply donning the crown with your loose wavy locks or do you intend to add it to your hairdo?


This will help you decide if your flower crown should be a full woven one or half crown to ease the styling of your low classic bun. Clustered flowers at the side of the head is a great idea to accentuate your side profile too! 

full crown style.jpg
style 2.jpg
style 4.jpg

Last but not least, let us consider colour and flower types - to blend with the themed party or to match with your pretty outfit! But one thing to bear in mind: while some flowers look gorgeous on pictures, they may not be suitable for our hot and humid sunny-island; they may wither off before you know it! 

So, whether you are crowning it for a themed photo-shoot or donning it the entire day for your big day - the flower type does really matter! 

Alright, so Floral Tiaras have helped you a wee bit on fresh flower crown insights - and hope we have indeed helped you funnel down to getting your dream flower crown decision! 

Good luck! 

With love,

(Photo images: Pinterest)

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